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Maitei Hugo! It is happening again, someone is bringing different names for the planets. Although it seems okay to me "yvóra" being used to mean "planet", it actually means "world", since Guarani doesn't have a word for planet that is accepted for most part of speaker. Now, about the names of the planets, what can we do to stop it? [[Puruhára:P. S. F. Freitas|P. S. F. Freitas]] ([[Puruhára myangekõi:P. S. F. Freitas|discusión]]) 21:24 4 jasypa 2021 (UTC)
:Maitei, Paulo, thanks for notifying! I have blocked "Gobeclytepe" but he uses new accounts to do the same work. What a bother! He is fixed to rename these astrological subjects, and as our arguments doesn't work on him, the only one way is to block him as soon as he starts his work. Sure, I can lock some articles which are the most affected but that helps little as we can not protect all the artices where some planet is mentonioned. <font color="Blue">*</font> [[User:Hugo.arg|<font color="Blue">Hugo</font>]] <sub>[[User talk:Hugo.arg|''<font color="DarkGreen">myangekõi</font>'']]</sub> 18:04 5 jasypa 2021 (UTC)